Gain Unparalleled Insights at Google Cloud Next ’23 for Security Pros

The fast-evolving landscape of cybersecurity demands constant adaptation, and in this pursuit, Google Cloud Next ’23 emerges as an unmissable event for security professionals. Scheduled to unfold at the prestigious Moscone Center in San Francisco, starting on Tuesday, August 29th, this year’s conference boasts a captivating Security Professionals track. With over 40 sessions meticulously curated, encompassing the latest trends in threat intelligence, modern security operations, and cutting-edge cloud security, the event promises to be a beacon of enlightenment for security enthusiasts.

As the curtain rises on Google Cloud Next ’23, one cannot overlook the vibrant array of offerings specifically designed for security professionals. With an emphasis on insightful keynotes, dynamic breakout sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities, this event stands as a pivotal platform to enrich one’s understanding of the ever-evolving cybersecurity realm.

Google Cloud Next ’23 – The Depth of Insight and Expertise

One of the cornerstones of this event lies in the caliber of speakers and presenters. A constellation of experts hailing from Google Cloud, alongside luminaries from esteemed organizations like Goldman Sachs, Mayo Clinic, Snap, and Uber, is set to grace the stage. This amalgamation of expertise guarantees a wealth of perspectives, real-world experiences, and practical knowledge-sharing that promises to enrich attendees’ comprehension of security challenges and solutions.

Unveiling a Realm of Knowledge: Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

At the heart of the highly anticipated Google Cloud Next ’23 event lies a carefully curated selection of sessions that promise to immerse attendees in a world of cutting-edge insights and innovations. The focus on the security track within these sessions unveils a wealth of knowledge that spans across a spectrum of vital security aspects. One of the standout highlights in this regard is the keynote session titled “What’s Next for Security Professionals.”


“What’s Next for Security Professionals” is poised to be a game-changer, propelling attendees into the future of security by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Under the banner of this event, this session stands as a testament to Google Cloud’s commitment to ushering in groundbreaking advancements in cybersecurity.

Leaders from Google Cloud, together with experts from Mandiant, are set to take the stage. Their goal? To shed light on the ever-shifting threat landscape and to illuminate the transformative potential of generative AI. This vanguard technology holds the key to addressing the escalating challenges posed by threats while simultaneously streamlining operational processes.

Innovations at Your Fingertips: Breakout Sessions

The upcoming Google Cloud Next ’23 event is set to deliver a myriad of insightful breakout sessions that promise to equip attendees with the latest innovations and strategies in the realm of cybersecurity. These sessions are poised to provide tangible takeaways that attendees can apply to enhance their security practices. Let’s delve into the details of these enlightening sessions:

Generative AI for Defenders with Sec-PaLM 2 and Duet AI

In this session, attendees will immerse themselves in the world of AI-powered cybersecurity. Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities for defenders take the spotlight, offering a game-changing approach to addressing mounting threats. By harnessing the prowess of AI, defenders can achieve a proactive stance, effectively managing threat overload, and responding with precision to ever-evolving security challenges.

Key Insights: Generative AI is not just a buzzword—it’s a transformative technology that empowers defenders to stay ahead of threats. The application of AI in cybersecurity is not confined to mere detection; it extends to prediction and rapid response, shaping a new era of cyber defense.

Blueprint for Modern Security Operations

As the landscape of security operations undergoes significant shifts, Google Cloud steps up to provide a blueprint that embraces both reactive and proactive strategies. This session offers attendees a roadmap for modern security operations that leverage AI as a force multiplier. By incorporating AI, organizations can bolster their threat detection, investigation, and response mechanisms, ensuring a more resilient defense posture.

Key Insights: Modern security operations require a dynamic approach that combines historical data with real-time insights. AI’s ability to analyze massive datasets rapidly and recognize patterns enables organizations to identify threats early, investigate more effectively, and respond swiftly.

Essential Technologies for Securing Your Google Cloud Environment

The ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats demands a robust arsenal of security technologies. In this session, attendees will gain insights into essential tools for ensuring the security of their Google Cloud environment. From asset visibility and configuration management to vulnerability detection and risk-based security remediation, these technologies are critical for safeguarding cloud infrastructure.

Key Insights: The cybersecurity landscape is a battlefield where organizations must arm themselves with the right tools. From identifying vulnerabilities to proactive risk management, these technologies play a pivotal role in maintaining a secure cloud environment.

Cloud Security Threat Briefing with Mandiant

Understanding the tactics employed by malicious actors is crucial for staying ahead of threats. This session offers a deep dive into the methods used to compromise cloud services. Attendees will gain insights into evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures, empowering them with proactive strategies to counter emerging threats.

Key Insights: As threat actors adapt and evolve, organizations must keep pace. By comprehending their methods, attendees can fortify their defenses, bolster threat detection mechanisms, and build a resilient security posture.

Goldman Sachs’ Security Command Center Implementation

Leading financial institution Goldman Sachs provides a real-world example of fortifying a Google Cloud environment. Attendees will learn how Goldman Sachs leverages built-in security solutions and Google Cloud’s Security Command Center to implement preventative controls, manage risks, and respond effectively to cyberthreats.

Key Insights: Learning from industry leaders provides invaluable insights. Goldman Sachs’ approach highlights the importance of proactive measures, risk management, and leveraging security tools to maintain a robust cloud environment.

AI-Powered Identity and Access Management (IAM) on Google Cloud

Identity is the cornerstone of security, and AI-driven IAM takes it a step further. Attendees will explore the fusion of identity-first security and AI, ensuring comprehensive protection for users, data, and applications. The latest enhancements in Google Cloud’s identity platform and policy-based access controls will be showcased.

Key Insights: Identity and access management are critical components of any security strategy. With AI, organizations can achieve granular control, proactive threat detection, and seamless user experiences.

Mitigating Software Supply Chain Threats

Software supply chain attacks are a growing concern. Drawing insights from Mandiant’s research, attendees will learn that 17% of security breaches in 2021 originated from supply chain attacks. This session equips participants with actionable strategies to mitigate these threats. Additionally, Google Cloud’s Assured Open Source Software (Assured OSS) will be explored as a means to reduce risks from open source dependencies.

Key Insights: The software supply chain is a vulnerability that requires meticulous attention. Mitigation strategies, coupled with solutions like Assured OSS, demonstrate the proactive stance necessary to address this evolving threat.

Threat Detection and Response in Google Cloud Environment

As cloud environments become a breeding ground for threats, detecting and responding swiftly is paramount. This session sheds light on how Chronicle Security Operations seamlessly integrates within Google Cloud, enabling security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to emerging threats effectively.

Key Insights: The cloud environment demands adaptive security measures. A unified platform for threat detection and response is crucial to maintaining an airtight defense against cloud-borne threats.

Leveraging AI for Sensitive Data Protection

In a data-driven world, protecting sensitive information is of utmost importance. This session showcases how Google Cloud empowers users with AI-driven tools to enhance sensitive data protection. Attendees will discover how to leverage Google Cloud’s resources to identify, classify, and manage structured and unstructured data, fostering proactive data governance strategies.

Key Insights: Sensitive data protection is a cornerstone of compliance and user trust. AI-powered tools not only enhance security but also enable organizations to navigate the complexities of data management effectively.

In the realm of cybersecurity, knowledge is power. The breakout sessions at Google Cloud Next ’23 promise to deliver actionable insights that security professionals can immediately apply to enhance their security posture. These sessions bring innovation to the fingertips of attendees, equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence.

The Promise of Networking and Collaboration

In addition to the riveting sessions, Google Cloud Next ’23 offers a unique networking arena. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with engineers and product leaders at the forefront of crafting the next generation of cybersecurity solutions. This interaction provides a platform for attendees to gain insights into the technological trajectory and industry vision, fostering collaborative learning and idea exchange.

The Future Beckons: Security Professionals, Register Now

As we stand at the cusp of Google Cloud Next ’23, security professionals are presented with an exceptional opportunity. By participating in this event, attendees are poised to gather insights from luminaries, immerse themselves in cutting-edge technologies, and fortify their cybersecurity acumen. Registration paves the way to grasp the latest in frontline intelligence and cloud innovation. The world of security is in constant flux, and Google Cloud Next ’23 offers a compass to navigate these dynamic waters.

So, mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 29th, and embark on a transformative journey at Google Cloud Next ’23. The landscape of cybersecurity awaits your exploration and transformation, and this event serves as the gateway to an enriched security perspective. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a dynamic community at the forefront of security evolution.

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